Gerwin Eisenhauer Tape 2019 (EISENHAUER-MC)

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GERWIN EISENHAUER MC 2019 TAPE   "Whether on his solo album 2019 toxic strings meet an organ... more
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"Whether on his solo album 2019 toxic strings meet an organ solo ("Breathe slowly Sabine") in which every NuSouler would feel at home, thanks to Lisa Wahlandt's flattering voice, but also acid-jazzy bees and things and flowers ("Pizza Bucks Blues"), you can find yourself between apocalyptotrap and spaghettihop, where a mumbling tricky reviewer evokes blissful trip hop times ("Hammered a lot"), or a fast-firing MC turns the track into a collage with all kinds of distortion and sometimes poisonous, sometimes downright alarmist key tips ("An interesting story")

- everything is topped off by the great orchestral suite "What have I learned", which grows from the ever gloomy HipHopera with its scrubbing strings, whether it's an army of double basses or cellos in their lowest registers, into a sound inferno about Eisenhauer's drunken beats, against which the philspectorian Wall of Sound is a shit. If this was the overture to world domination, the closer "july 2019" is their adagio. Samuel Barber goes Trap, sparsely buzzing, drrrrp-ttta-tta-tack-tack-tacking, with a precision that is frightening even in the delay. Also the distribution is uncompromising: 200 CDs, 200 vinyls, 100 tapes. No download, no spotify, no shit.“ Victoriah Szirmai (JAZZTHETICS)

"Eisenhauer plays his drums with emphatically great dynamics, finely woven and sensitively placed sounds such as textures, a rousing flow as well as interlaced, pleasurably celebrated rhythmic ideas between cemented beat and very free improvisation. Despite this diversity, everything always has an extremely musical sense - a truly remarkable album."


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