CD Benny Greb "Moving Parts" (CD59)

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  • CD59
  • 0.04 Kg
  • Including CDs: 1 CD
    Label: Herzog Records GmbH
    Genre: Jazz, Rock, Funk / Soul, Blues
    Dimension: CD
    Number of tracks: 8
CD Benny Greb "Moving Parts"   Artists :   Benny Greb Chris Montague Kit... more
Product information "CD Benny Greb "Moving Parts" (CD59)"

CD Benny Greb "Moving Parts"




Benny Greb

Chris Montague

Kit Downes




1.    Stabila
2.    Bunker
3.    Soulfood
4.    September
5.    Delta
6.    Kalimba
7.    Barking
8.    Spacecake

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