Shipping & Payment

Delivery charges, delivery time & terms and conditions of payment

Delivery / delivery charges

Here is an overview of the delivery time and delivery costs for all countries we deliver to.
Please note that customs and / or processing fees may apply in some countries. In addition, oversized items usually take longer than regular postal deliveries.

Country Shipping cost Free shipping on Average delivery time
Albania* € 10 € 150 4-10 days
Armenia* € 25 € 300 12-17 days
Azerbaijan* € 25 € 300 7-17 days
Belarus* € 10 € 150 3-14 days
Bosn. Herz.* € 10 € 150 9-16 days
Bulgaria € 10 € 150 5-7 days
Georgia* € 25 € 300 10-15 days
Kazakhstan* € 25 € 300 6-12 days
Kosovo* € 10 € 150 6-12 days
Macedonia* € 10 € 150 5-10 days
Malta € 25 € 300 10-15 days
Moldavia* € 25 € 300 5-9 days
Montenegro* € 10 € 150 6-12 days
Serbia* € 10 € 150 7-15 days
Slovenia € 10 € 150 2-4 days
Tunisia* € 25 € 300 10-15 days

*  All duties and VAT must be paid by the customer upon arrival in this country. 

Terms and conditions of payment

The customer can pay the purchase price by credit card, cash on delivery, PayPal or amazon payments. Unfortunately, it is not an option to deliver on account.

(1) Payment by credit card

Mastercard, VISA, American Express and Discovery Card are accepted. Your credit card account is debited, and the goods are sent, immediately after completing the order. The purchase price shall be reserved on the credit card upon the time of order. The actual payment shall be made at the time in which the good is sent for delivery. The processing of the credit card payment takes place via the service provider PayPal.

(2) Payment by PayPal

PayPal is an online payment service offered by the company PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A which offers a real time payment solution. To be able to use PayPal, a PayPal account is required in which bank or credit card details have been stored so that these do not need to be stated for every purchase. It is very simple to use PayPal, stating email address and password. The PayPal account is debited directly with the corresponding amount and the customer receives an order confirmation by email. As soon as the goods are packed, the customer receives a delivery confirmation in which the articles sent are listed once again. For further information see

(3) Amazon payments
The information stored in your own Amazon customer account can be used to pay quickly and simply via Amazon.
The payment is secure without having to re-enter delivery and payment information. Protection is afforded by the Amazon A-to-Z guarantee as provided for purchases on Amazon. The known payment environment provided by Amazon is available in this method of payment. The ordered articles are sent during working days after confirmation of payment receipt if the articles are in stock.

(4) Payment in advance - Moneyorder
You pay the total amount after receipt of the order confirmation by transfer to our account.
You will receive the account data with the order confirmation.
Your order will be processed only after receipt of your payment.
An order confirmation and tracking mail will be sent to you