KEIKI K3 Series Soprano Ukulele Set - White Ebony / ABS (K3-WEB)

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  • K3-WEB
  • 0.874 Kg
  • Frets: 12
    Tuning: G-C-E-A
    Top: White Ebony
    Back & Sides: ABS body, slightly arched
    Neck: Keiki® headstock design w/ custom designed veneer Okoume neck, satin finish
    Fretboard: ABS fretboard & bridge
    Tuning Machines: Open gear tuning machines chrome w/ black buttons
    Strings: UWNY-4-SO
    Scale, width at nut: 364 mm (14.33”) | 36 mm (1.42”)
    Pack: Headstock tuner, Soundhole hook strap/support, 5 medium picks and drawstring bag included
Some real talk about ukuleles Ten THOUSAND hours? Has anyone really... more
Product information "KEIKI K3 Series Soprano Ukulele Set - White Ebony / ABS (K3-WEB)"

Some real talk about ukuleles

Ten THOUSAND hours? Has anyone really questioned if that's how long it takes to be good at something?

Your first lesson is to forget the constraints society loves to impose.

When your brand-new instrument arrives, you almost want to savor opening the box. But your excitement can't bear it any longer.

Being a family-owned, German-based musical instrument company, at Ortega Guitars, we value a couple of key things about our Keiki Series uke.

These instruments have to be accessible to any player, even if you're a casual beginner, and their pristine build needs to give you that feeling of "okay, I'm never putting this down."

Imagine where you could be—even 7 days from now

Naturally easy to play, the Keiki Series ukulele from Ortega Guitars is a well-crafted instrument fully capable of giving you quick wins when making music. With a little bit of learning, you'll be rewarded almost immediately. Insane practice hours are not required.

Your time is better spent playing around the campfire with friends or just strumming for fun and relaxation.

Compact size with a full sound

The great thing about this soprano scale ukulele, besides its accessibility to any level of player from beginner to advanced, is that its smaller size delivers a bright, crisp sound while making it easy to learn on and travel with.


Size: Soprano
Type: Ukuleles
Series: Keiki
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