MEINL Percussion Cocktail Cajon Kit (PBASSCAJ-KIT)

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  • 12.8 Kg
  • Feature 1: Create cocktail-style acoustic cajon kit or percussion set-up includes the MEINL Cocktail Cajon, along with the MEINL Pickup Snare, Bongo Cajon, and Tom Taps Accessories include a bass drum pedal with beater, and a pair of Husk Brushes
    Feature 2: Each drum is equipped with a Piezo pickup and high-quality output jack (audio cables not included)
    Feature 3: Three L-shaped percussion rods to mount the Cajon-style drums or any other common percussion accessory
    Material: Baltic Birch (Betula-Pendula) / Straw Material / Steel / Soft Foam Rubber
    Including: SB307 Husk Brush / TMBP Foot Pedal / CPB4 Pedal Beater
    Color: Black
An acoustic take on a cocktail kit set up, the MEINL Cocktail Cajon Kit offers players a wide... more
Product information "MEINL Percussion Cocktail Cajon Kit (PBASSCAJ-KIT)"
An acoustic take on a cocktail kit set up, the MEINL Cocktail Cajon Kit offers players a wide range of sounds from bass and snare to bongo cajons and a tom, all with wood Cajon-style instruments. At the center of this kit is the MEINL Cocktail Cajon, which is played just like a kick drum. Made to be mounted on the Cocktail Cajon are the included MEINL Pickup Snare, Bongo Cajon with high and low pitch notes, and Pickup Tom Tap, which all come together to give you a full cajon set sound. Each of these three add-ons includes their L-shaped rod that attaches to the cajon with its standard eye-bolt mounts. In addition to the cajon-style drums, this kit also comes with a foot pedal and soft foam cajon beater plus special Husk Brushes that are safe to use on the wood finishes. The brushes deliver a mellow, yet precise percussive sound. Every drum in the Cocktail Cajon Kit is outfitted with its own Piezo pickup and high-quality output jack so you can plug in and turn the volume up on the whole set when extra amplification is needed (audio cables not included).
Series: Pickup Cajones
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